Using Captions On YouTube To Boost Your Video & SEO

Alt tags were made a legal requirement after a gentleman took Orange to court, for not having their website usable by those who were vision impaired. Now all images on your website should have alt tags to make your website both user-friendly and optimised for SEO.

This same rule has now become available on YouTube allowing vloggers to increase their audience by accommodating the deaf and hearing impaired those who don’t speak English and those who mute your video / do not have speakers.

YouTube has now introduced captions. This is beneficial for more than the above reasons as it will play a role in your SEO strategy. From using the captions, Google will be able in index your video content as well as the title, description and tags.

How your video will reach out to non-English speaking viewers

With captions, not only can you jump to specific time points within the video but users can translate the video using Google Translate; which translates the captions into the end users language or a selected language of their choice.

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