Our Core Services – at a Glance

  • Marketing Campaigns

    A full review of your business needs and goals to create a streamlined marketing campaign to reach your target customers with ease.

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  • Public Relations

    Along side digital marketing, we also provide our clients with extensive PR coverage. Ranging from product placement to getting highly sought after record labels to your artist’s gig.

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  • SEO

    Optimising your website to its full potential. We also provide backlink profiles in line with the recent Google Algorithm update aka the dreaded Penguin

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    • Work Experience Placements 

      We know how hard it can be getting into the marketing industry and so as a result of this, we have launched our own marketing work experience programme to help you get ahead of the rest with projects to help excel your skills.

    • Twitter For Business

      We know how hard it can be to reach your target audience through social media. It can be like shooting in the dark at times. Our dedicated social team will make sure your tweets are optimised and reach your audience at the best time.

    • Our Process

      There are quite a few digital marketing agencies out there, so what better way to show you how we work than for you to see our client process…

    • Digital Marketing Blog

      With the digital marketing world not only changing on a regular basis, you also need to know how it is developing and how your customers are responding to it. Keep an eye on things over on our blog.

    • Tailored Packages

      As with every business, each client and their budget is different, that’s why we offer a range of packages. In addition to these, we also provide tailored packages to maximise your return on investment

    • Search Engine Optimisation

      With the recent algorithm updates rolled out by Google, we know how important SEO is to your business now more than ever. In the past year we have disavowed over 120,000 websites to help clean up our clients websites.


Marketing services to help your business

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