Public Relations

It is our aim to put our clients business in front of their core audience and media professionals. We work with our clients to achieve the strongest campaign which will make them stand out for the right reasons.

We plan our clients PR activity from beginning right through to the next campaign. This will involve customer profiles, their behaviours and news that is distributed to media professionals that are right for our clients business or service.

We have a dedicated PR team who can organise events for product promotion, blogger mornings, focus groups and more. We don’t just create a press release, we give our client’s brand a personality that customers can relate to, therefore strengthening their campaign activity.

Press Releases

We work with our clients to deliver press releases which announce their product, service or event to leading journalists and media within their industry.

Event Planning

We work with our clients to deliver memorable events for any business occasion. We put their business in touch with leading industry partner to help host, sponsor and attend the event

Customer Profile

We address who our client’s target customer is and work with them to produce the right information at the right time via the strongest media outlet.

Relationship Building

We understand how important relationships are in business. Be it with another business or a customer. With this in mind we work very closely with our clients to achieve strong relationships to help strengthen their brand, product and service.

To discuss how we can apply this process to your brand and services get in touch and one of our PR team will be happy to review this with you.

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