Best of British Supporting UK Businesses

Best of British – Supporting UK Businesses

Now is the time to be putting your business out there. If you’re a UK business, now is the time to start evaluating costs and to really become as competitive as possible, and not hope for that one big order a month to keep you going month to month.

Over the past few months we have been asking businesses and manufacturers the common problems they face and why they do not source from the UK, it seems to be the same answer ‘cost’. From the feedback we have received it is clear businesses are happy to pay more for shipping and less for product to meet their margins, knowing they can get shipping cheaper in the UK, they still seek lower product costs.

We wont go into detail on how many have had terrible experiences with purchasing overseas, whether they receive their good is another topic altogether.

As this year is having a huge effect on the UK, now is the time to pull your heads out of the sand and look around you. We have found plenty of pretty amazing and COST EFFECTIVE UK manufacturers and businesses right here in the UK, practically on our doorsteps when we looked hard enough.

If you feel you are cost effective, can deliver on time, supply to consumer demand, have 100% Made in Britain products or if you are trying (really REALLY trying) to make your products 100% Made in Britain, we want to hear from you.

We have had such success with providing work experience to UK students and the unemployed that now we are working in force to strengthen our UK Businesses.

What we are proposing;

  • Reviewing your business on the basic elements to see what you have left untouched
  • Helping you reach out to your industry and target market
  • Provide a free feature article and/or interview on our blog for the “Best of British”
  • Looking at your business both online and offline to see what areas you can strengthen and really push to your existing and potential customers.

Until the end of Jan 2014 the above points will be FREE.*

If you think this is something your business can benefit from, then please get in touch with us IMMEDIATELY so we can start planning your 2013/14 success. Just complete the contact form below detailing your business, the issues you face and where you think we can help. We’re very excited to hear from you. Don’t forget you can also comment on this plan, so let us know what you think.

* Terms and Conditions

During the period of this offer only 1 valid per business. The free trial will terminate after 30 days and the business will not be contracted to sign up for the following month. This offer is only available to UK business owners.