Top 5 Tips To Creating Good Content

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There is so much out there on how to create good content. It involves lots of reading and we know that if you’re in the mindset of wanting to create good content, you don’t want to be bogged down with reading pages and pages of articles containing essays on this subject.

So we have come up with our top five tips on creating content that your users and Google will love in bitesize, easy-to-digest pieces.

Write using Facts

Quite an obvious point but writing using factual information about your product, service or industry will gain trust from your readers and be natural. Remember to reference any sources you use to help create this type of content.  (See an example here at the bottom of the page)


Write using humour

The first thing to remember here is, don’t force it. Be natural. If you have something to say, write it as you would if you were talking to a good friend. Humour keeps people interested in your article, and if you make them smile whilst reading they will be more inclined to want to share this with their social circles.


Write using news

If something happens within your industry or business that is newsworthy, write about it. It’s that simple. Don’t copy the latest news story. Read it, digest it and write your own take on it. Include your own opinions, ask other members of the team and your social following for their thoughts on the subject and include quotes to help bring your content to life.


Write using Gossip

Don’t confuse this with idle gossip about someone in your office. As juicy as stories from the work party may be, your customers are better off not knowing. Use this to give inside information on a new product that may be coming or to give your readers a heads up on a promotion that may be due. Remember how privileged you would feel when you were the only one to know the gossip on the playground, this is the feeling you can pass to your customers, making them feel special that they know something others don’t.


Write using Personal experience / Reviews

People want real and honest information. If you provide this to them they will thank you. A great way to start this is either on your product page or on your website blog. When you have a new product come in, get members of the team to try it out and review it. If you can video them using it as your customers would, that right there is gold dust.

If you follow these five simple tips you will build trust in your brand and have unique, fresh content that Google will love you for. And one last golden tip of them all… proof read your copy. The last thing you want is to have a great idea but it be full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Ask a fellow colleague to check your work or walk away for five minutes, get a coffee and come back. You will be surprised at the changes you’ll want to make when you have a few minutes to adjust your eyes and mindset.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share that have helped you create good, clean content?


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