Importance Of Creating Good Content Copy For Your Website

Due to Rap Genius having receiving a penalty from Google over Christmas, we have created this article to help guide you in the right direction on how best to create your website content to enhance user experience and not spam Google. This is in line with Google’s algorithim update known as Panda;  update aimed at all sites, and penalising those with content issues, including spammy content

We will focus this around the music industry for example purposes only.

Bad Content Example

Up and coming music artists need more recognition within the music industry to help get them noticed. Every day we see music artists upload videos to YouTube of good quality and high number of views, some even get higher views than well known music artists and yet struggle to get any recognition that they as music artists deserve and should receive.

Many of you may be used to the example of bad content as we have shown above. This short piece of content contains a high keyword density for “Music Artists”. Not only will this spam Google, it will ruin your user’s experience as they don’t want to read keyword heavy content that is forced.

Now to show you an example of good content that Google and your users will love

Good Content Example

With daily uploads from up and coming music artists across many social platforms, it is about time we started seeing them gain recognition for their hard efforts and talent.

This content is short and to the point with a little more “jazz” to it. It is also more likely to gain interest and for someone to comment or share your content due to it being blunt and to the point. This may not be the best piece of good content you will read today, but it highlights the importance of not spamming visitors to your page regardless if it is Google Bot or Fred from across the road.

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