How SEO increases your online awareness

  1. how SEO can help small businesses

How SEO marketing can increase traffic to your website and online awareness of your company and how the use of local SEO can also help small businesses increase online awareness.

Increasing consumer awareness of products and services has always been of vital importance to commercial success; even the most innovative business venture will be unable to succeed if customers are unaware of its existence, and it is no coincidence that the most well known global brands invest a large quantity of capital in advertising. The Coca-Cola Company, for example, claims to have spent $2.6 billion on advertising in 2006 alone.

Consumers searching for information about products and services are increasingly doing so online; it is estimated that 82% of the UK population now uses the internet. Companies that fail to improve their web presence fail to increase awareness of their brand among over 50 million internet users in the UK alone. Because of the critical importance of online awareness to commercial success, many companies now implement an internet marketing strategy, often with a strong focus on SEO marketing, in order to better reach their customers.

The widespread use of search engines, in particular Google, to obtain information online has in recent years lead to a growing interest in Search Engine Optimisation techniques, often abbreviated to ‘SEO’, as a useful internet marketing strategy aimed at increasing online awareness. Search Engine Optimisation involves increasing the visibility of a website to search engines; the higher up in the search engine ranking a website appears the more visitors it will receive. One way in which SEO marketing can increase the search engine visibility of a website is through the increased use of specific keywords relevant to consumer searches. Increasing the quantity and quality of links to the optimised website from other sites with traceable URLs is also a common strategy in SEO marketing.

Many consumers use Google or other internet search engines to find products and services by searching for relevant keywords; users are directed to your website by the search engine because they are searching specifically for what your company provides. Using SEO techniques to increase the number of customers who have access to your company’s website is therefore an extremely effective means of increasing online awareness amongst consumers with a specific interest in your product. Indeed, search engines often give listings of millions of relevant sites per search; an effective internet marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimisation is essential for improving your company’s position in the rankings, and increasing online awareness.

Increasing online awareness through SEO marketing can also act as an important means of providing customers with other important information about your business. The first point of contact for your customer may well be to visit your website; making information such as a contact telephone number, opening hours and location easily accessible online could increase awareness of your business ‘offline’ as well as online.

Local businesses, as well as larger companies, can also benefit from local SEO aimed at increasing online awareness of their presence in a specific city or region. One great local SEO technique to improve online awareness is to utilise Google Places, which can literally put your business on the map. When searching for companies listed on Google Places, internet users can not only find out the address, but use Google Maps to obtain directions to it. This type of local SEO aimed at improving online awareness amongst consumers looking for a product or service in a specific geographical location can greatly benefit local business owners, who may profit from increased numbers of customers visiting their establishment, as well as their website.

As consumers look to search engines to find the information they need, companies must consider how they can improve their online visibility in order to attract more customers. SEO techniques such as those mentioned in this article can greatly improve the amount of visitors your website will receive and increase online awareness of your business.

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