Our Top 20 Marketing Mistakes to avoid

  1. 20 marketing mistakes to avoid

20 Marketing Mistakes to avoid (Download the eBook)

You’ve taken the time, effort and money to start your project. Now is the time you need to be careful, as making the wrong marketing decisions can have a huge reaction to your business and possibly not the reaction you were hoping for.

1. Forgetting market research
Never guess what a potential customer may want. Take the time to research what they want or need. It is essential to know and understand your target audience. Who are you targeting? What do they want? Where are they? An accurate report of market research will enable you to gain the required information you need about your products, service, brand and pricing. Discover our four D’s to success with our clients and their businesses

2. Having no marketing plan
You wouldn’t fly in an aeroplane without wings, nor would you start your project without a clear marketing plan. Every business, no matter the size, needs a marketing plan. Without a marketing plan how will you know where your project is headed in a month, 6 months or even a year. Take the time to create a strong marketing plan (most banks will require this when deciding on a business loan) so if at any time you are a little lost, you can refer back to it.

3. Not being professional
A brand identity will give your business a professional look. Having a brand identity shows you are an established business and will help customers gain confidence in your project. Make sure all business materials show your brand identity to increase your brand awareness. This includes your website, social media, emails, newsletters, letter heads, compliment slips, business cards and invoices.

4. Having no tracking
How will you know if your marketing efforts are successful? How will you know what your Return on Investment (ROI) is? By ensuring you have reliable tracking software installed allows you to see what is working for your marketing campaigns and gives you the platform to make necessary changes to strengthen them where it’s needed.

5. Not being consistent
Putting hours of time and money into your marketing campaigns one month and then nothing the next will not only weaken your brand, but you will fall into the shadows of your competitors. What good is that? You need your campaigns to be strong AND consistent.

6. Not being social
People look for the brands they buy on social media; they talk about their brands and provide reviews. The more your customers can interact with you, the more they will begin to trust your product and brand. Over 65% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they are following. Find out how using social media can affect your business.

7. Not creating urgency
As with most products and services you need to create a sense of urgency and a call to action (CTA). This is something you put at the end of your communication telling potential customers what to do next. For example “Get your FREE Marketing Mistakes to Avoid E-book. Click here to download…”

8. Pricing
All your hard work is paying off. People are interested in your product… and now they’ve seen the price. You are not competitive! With the help of search engines and social media they can now find your product or service cheaper elsewhere. Knowing your competitors prices through market research identifies opportunities for you to compete. Price planning is essential to stay ahead of your industry competitors.

9. Ignoring existing customers
Every company should have a system in place that ensures existing customers are well looked after. For example; a positive review can reach 3 people by word of mouth, a negative can bring in 10 and with social media this can turn into thousands. If you’ve had a complaint, contact the customer when it has been corrected to show their feedback mattered to your business.

10. Non branded email address
Keep your brand strong at all levels of communication. You can use email software to allow you to use your domain name to send and receive emails. Your email address should look like this yourname@yourcompany.com

11. Not having a user friendly website
Yippee! You have potential customers coming to your website, the only problem is they cannot navigate around and you have just lost your customer in around 5 seconds. Use the 5 second rule when selling. If you cannot locate the page you need or where to search within 5 seconds, make some changes immediately. Make sure your font is consistent throughout; agree fonts before you build your website. Allow your customers to find the “Contact Us” page with ease. They should see where to click for it on EVERY page.

12. Inconsistent colours
When you build your brand decide on the best colour palette for you. You should then use these colours though all of your marketing elements. This will strengthen your campaign and increase brand awareness.

13. Not knowing your Return On Investment (ROI)
Many companies run their business without knowing what their ROI is. Before you start booking advertising or overheads look at the return it will bring you. If it doesn’t meet the return your business needs, not only will you save time but you will save MONEY.

14. No customer Service
This is an area that should be focused on no matter what the size of your business. We all know our opinion of a company can be changed by their levels of customer service. Your potential customer may have bought into your brand but if they receive a low level of customer service you will lose a customer and in turn they will lose confidence in your brand.

15. No mobile website
We live in the age of mobile usage being at its highest. Most of your potential customers will have a smart phone of some description. When you are developing your website, don’t forget to optimise it for mobile usage. Research the common display sizes so you can ensure a mobile friendly website and remember to keep your customers engaged. Read our study on mobile website vs responsive website design

16. Misspelled business name
Believe it or not we have seen this many times before and likely to see it again. When you purchase stationary for your business ensure all areas are spelt CORRECTLY. We once saw a company go to print having spent close to £10,000 with their business name spelt wrong. Remember publishing companies print what you sign off, so read over your copy several times before it goes to print or published online.

17. Not listening
When a customer contacts you, take the time to respond. If you are using social media, make sure you are on top of everything. Many businesses get hundreds if not thousands of tweets a day, and they try to respond to all. If it works better for you, get someone to manage the social media aspect of your business.

18. Not having social sharing buttons
Well done, you are creating remarkable content. But wait. Your readers can’t share your content as you have forgotten to add social media buttons to your website or blog. This should now be the basic must-have when creating a website. Make it easy for your readers to share your content and you will make your social media marketing work for you.

19. Not taking action
Let’s say, you have acquired over 1000 followers on Twitter or managed to get over 1000 people into your store. Whilst this is good progress, you still need to talk to your customers – wherever they may be. You should be using these opportunities to engage with your customers and start listing the BENEFITS of your product or service. Offer them an incentive to sign up or purchase your product. Find out the effects social media has on your business

20. Marketing what you DON’T have
The biggest mistake we have seen business owners trying is “fake it till they make it” if this is you then STOP IMMEDIATELY. Many companies out there will see a competitor offering something additional to their product or service and some business owners think it is a bright idea to offer the same, even when they can’t offer the little extras a competitor has. Doing this will make your brand reputation decline and all the hard work that has been completed over the past few months, as a result all of your hard work won’t have been worth it. If you can’t offer a service do not under any circumstances lie to your customers. Honesty really is the best policy.

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20 marketing mistakes to avoid

20 Marketing Mistakes to AVOID


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