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    The effect social media has on your marketing campaign

    The effect social media has on your marketing campaign More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to reap the rewards offered by powerful social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The fact that millions of people can stay connected all over the world, messages can reach people in real time, and […]

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    Should you have an interactive website?

    Should You Have An Interactive Website, And What Does It Mean? Interactivity is better described as the social aspect of a website. It gives your visitors an opportunity to engage with each other and gives you a chance to join in. This can be through a forum, a chat, a poll or even a simple FAQ page […]

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    How Important is Market Research

    How Important Is Market Research? Marketing research has become essential amongst marketers and businesses in order to be successful. Marye Tharp, senior lecturer at the University of Texas, said “Any communication or marketing professional needs cross-cultural research and communication skills to be able to succeed in the future.” She emphasizes the need to understand the […]

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    Is your marketing campaign effective?

    Is Your Marketing Campaign Effective? Marketing is a philosophy and being able to differentiate yourself from the competition; to create a competitive edge can be difficult and time consuming. Target marketing is a technique that can add positive influence to a campaign attracting the right audience and allowing the correct message to be sent out. […]

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    How to use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    How to use Twitter for Social Media Marketing – Without Loosing Followers You may have looked at social media marketing for Facebook and Pinterest. Now it’s Twitter’s turn. First a quick explanation – Wikipedia defines Twitter as “… an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read […]

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    What is Pay Per Click – PPC

    What is Pay Per Click : Google’s PPC Advertising Model Pay-Per-Click is a modern form of Digital Marketing, highly used by advertisers for several reasons. One, is to generate instantaneous brand recognition. Two, by increasing efficiency, it is designed to help reach the intended target market. Three, it aids in driving sales and online traffic […]

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    How can you strengthen your Marketing Campaign

    How can you strengthen your Marketing Campaign The growth of the internet on a worldwide scale means that companies can no longer rely solely on press adverts, mail drops, word of mouth and flyers to form strong marketing campaigns.  Websites, social networks, search engine optimisation and forums are now all a key part of the […]

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    The Importance of Keywords

    The Importance of Keywords As implied in the name, words are a key aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). These are what search engines match against when they are being used and can improve your website’s rankings in natural or organic search results. It is therefore vital that you stay on top of this element […]

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    What is a Website Conversion Rate?

    What is a Website Conversion Rate – And How Do You Work It Out? Your website is gaining more and more hits every day, but what are people doing on there? What is making them return again and again? You have used Search Engine Optimisation successfully to ensure that you are top of the Google, […]

  • How to track your marketing campaign

    For a marketing strategy based on careful attention to detail and thorough research, the ability to effectively track campaigns is of paramount importance.  It signals to companies the Return On Investment (ROI) of specific campaigns, as well as providing valuable information about customer behaviour which can be used to inform and improve future marketing campaigns.  […]