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  • big data for better marketing

    Stronger Data Creates Stronger Marketing Campaigns

    Identify relationships to better connect with your customers Data that displays your user data helps your brand to understand the customer’s journey. With this data you can see how the customer’s journey may influence their brand loyalty or buying decision. This will allow your brand to understand what processes to put in place to help […]

  • mobile vs responsive website design

    What Is Responsive Web Design And Why Should We Use It

    Due to the rapid growth of digital marketing and the introduction of various smart devices; mobiles, tablets, laptops the term ‘responsive design’ should be something you hear and read on a regular basis. Because of this growth, nothing is really future proof. We aren’t aware of the up-coming screen resolutions or what new device will be launched. […]

  • facebook good for business

    Is Facebook Good For Business?

    Facebook was created as a way for friends to stay in touch with each other. It has evolved to allow businesses to do the same with their customers. E-commerce transactions are known for their impersonal service and Facebook allows organisations to give their online customers a more friendly experience, similar to what they might have […]

  • 20 marketing mistakes to avoid

    Our Top 20 Marketing Mistakes to avoid

    20 Marketing Mistakes to avoid (Download the eBook) You’ve taken the time, effort and money to start your project. Now is the time you need to be careful, as making the wrong marketing decisions can have a huge reaction to your business and possibly not the reaction you were hoping for. 1. Forgetting market research Never guess […]

  • interactive website design

    Should you have an interactive website?

    Should You Have An Interactive Website, And What Does It Mean? Interactivity is better described as the social aspect of a website. It gives your visitors an opportunity to engage with each other and gives you a chance to join in. This can be through a forum, a chat, a poll or even a simple FAQ page […]

  • images

    How Important is Market Research

    How Important Is Market Research? Marketing research has become essential amongst marketers and businesses in order to be successful. Marye Tharp, senior lecturer at the University of Texas, said “Any communication or marketing professional needs cross-cultural research and communication skills to be able to succeed in the future.” She emphasizes the need to understand the […]

  • what is Google AdWords PPC

    What is Pay Per Click – PPC

    What is Pay Per Click : Google’s PPC Advertising Model Pay-Per-Click is a modern form of Digital Marketing, highly used by advertisers for several reasons. One, is to generate instantaneous brand recognition. Two, by increasing efficiency, it is designed to help reach the intended target market. Three, it aids in driving sales and online traffic […]

  • effective marketing campaign

    How can you strengthen your Marketing Campaign

    How can you strengthen your Marketing Campaign The growth of the internet on a worldwide scale means that companies can no longer rely solely on press adverts, mail drops, word of mouth and flyers to form strong marketing campaigns.  Websites, social networks, search engine optimisation and forums are now all a key part of the […]

  • Keyword-Research for Content and SEO

    The Importance of Keywords

    The Importance of Keywords As implied in the name, words are a key aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). These are what search engines match against when they are being used and can improve your website’s rankings in natural or organic search results. It is therefore vital that you stay on top of this element […]

  • what is ROI - how to work out return on investment

    What is a Website Conversion Rate?

    What is a Website Conversion Rate – And How Do You Work It Out? Your website is gaining more and more hits every day, but what are people doing on there? What is making them return again and again? You have used Search Engine Optimisation successfully to ensure that you are top of the Google, […]

  • Can Twitter Improve Your Business?

    When you haven’t really explored Twitter, haven’t felt your way around it yet or perhaps just haven’t found the right people to follow, it’s so easy to just not ‘get it’. I know I didn’t. Yes it was interesting to see what celebrities were up to and to be connected to famous people, hearing their […]