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Since Google released their algorithm update, Penguin 2.0 it has become clearer than ever that businesses need to review their backlink profile. This is the data which tells us what websites are linking back to you.

Many years ago having lots of websites linking to you, regardless of their Page Rank or Domain Authority, helped you within search engine rankings; especially Google.

Now this does not work for businesses any more. You need to review your backlink profile and where possible remove links that could potentially harm your website’s ranking within Google.

  • 25

    Review of your backlinks

    We will gain information on all websites linking to yours

  • 50

    Define Plan of Action

    This will detail the length of time we would expect to spend contacting webmasters to remove the links

  • 75

    Submit a Disavow Request

    This will be used for websites who have not removed the link, but we still wish for them to be disassociated with your website.

  • 100

    Submit Reconsideration Request

    For websites who have been hit either by an algorithm or manual update and reconsideration request to Google is essential.

We offer a disavow service where by we review your backlinks and then filter out the bad links who we then contact to remove the links. This is a lengthy process but detrimental to the success of your website.

To have your website reviewed and discuss removing links to help improve your SEO visibility within Google, please get in touch detailing your website URL and we can provide a report of the amount of links and work required to help your SEO efforts.

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